Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reading at Dayspring Christian Academy

Thanks so much to the welcoming Students, Staff and Parents at Dayspring Christian Academy in Blacksburg, Virginia. We had a great book reading and illustration demo. Thank you again for the opportunity to share our book!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

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Available July 27, 2011

Our greatest moments in life are the adventures we have with those we love.  This mother and daughter imagine themselves adventuring together all over the world but decide, in the end, that their favorite place is home.  May this story remind you of the special people and places from your own adventures!

Additional items featuring the illustrations from Where Shall We Go Today? include:

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(Signal Pic)

Meet Signal, the lovable, hilarious member of a very unique family, a cell phone family.  Through various adventures, Jack, Sydney, Mom, Dad, and Signal learn that their greatest joy is having each other.  This series will make you smile and remember your own family's greatest moments.

The shepherd is actually a very hard-worker!  With great skill, he lovingly protects and cares for his most-prized possession, his precious sheep.  This story introduces readers to the possibly unknown responsibilities of the shepherd, leading them to a greater understanding of The Good Shepherd.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Inspiration For This Story

                                    Those girls were born to shine!

Sydney and Jaysa have always embraced life.  Each girl has a spunk, a style, and a playful spirit all her own.  Together, we have spent more hours than I can count playing, creating, dancing, and acting.

Most of Sydney's sentences now begin with, "Pretend that...," and I love seeing where her imagination takes us in our play.

To my disappointment, our play time all but vanished, as our family and work responsibilities grew, and it was actually out of that sadness that this story was born.  Sometimes, while I rocked Jaysa, my mind would go back to beautiful places I had seen in my pre-children life, and in every adventure, Sydney or Jaysa would be right there, enjoying each moment with me.  I hiked through the Costa Rican rainforest with Jaysa in her backpack.  With Sydney in my arms, I watched the sun slowly awaken a beautiful South African landscape.  The images were so captivating that I began journaling, and eventually, crafted this story from those moments and my everyday fun with the girls.

This work is not just a dedication to the life and spirit of my "Sweet Loves," but it is also a testament to my hope that Sydney, Jaysa, and I will always laugh and play and hold each other tightly!